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Is it possible to have free episode in france ?


Naruto shippuden official

Il est pas mal pour une application mais il le mettre en français


Bad guys who cheat, saying they used this and rated 5*. Only crazy people can rate that with 5*. Only 1* because i cant do less than 1. Paying to see free videos? Are you thinking we are stupid or what?

T0GTh3R &-: F0R3V3R

Pfff... Lappli marche même pas..


Besides only 1 subtitles option, fanyastic quality and uptaded accordinly....

No English subtitles?!

What just happened,theres no English subtitles,only French subtitles!What the hell is that?!I cant understand French subtitles!!

To many commercials

Honestly? You must be kidding me. To watch one episode i have to see the same commercial 2 times in a row at the beginnkng and one time in the middle of the video???? I have no problem to see just one but this is hilarious and getting on my nerves. I am just so close to deinstalling this app again if there wasnt my desite to watch naruto on my i phone. As soon as there is an alternative app this is so going into the trash bin. Fix this and i will change my comment. So disappointing...

to much comercials

the app is great but there are way to much comercials though... every 5 minutes i get a break from the actual episode its more like comercials with a bit episode than the actual episode with "a bit comercial" i would, i think everyone feels the same way, like to have less comercial and more of the actual episode !


It good. Except for the advertising. And and why do people download this app if they cant read Eng.?

First Pls German then 5 Stars

Please make it in German then 5 Stars !

When i open it the app stuck

I have this app since yesterday and i really like it :) !! One of my favourite Apps !! ;) but today i wanna open it and its stuck ! I try everything that the app can start normally but .. No ..! Please help :o


Overall a good app but 3 ads in one vid is too much

Good app, but WAY too much ad

The app runs very smooth, and is in good quality. I understand that the app has to make some money, then of course, it turns to ads. The ads would be okay, if it was shown once per video, however, the use of ads in this app is very absurd and annoying. Advertisements are shown MULTIPLE times per video, which can be a pain. There are MUCH better websites to watch from, do yourself a favor and dont download this app, unless you like want to waste time.


This app would get so many more downloads if it was english dubbed

Need french

Il y avait du soutitrage francais mais la il na plus why no french ?????? Fixer ca -.- vf

Love It!

I really like the fact that i can watch naruto episodes with you since that it does not play anymore on TV.The only thing i find totatly Wrong is that youve recently put "pubs" i hate that part,please remove,its not even timed well and it is beggining to be seriusly Disturbing.


Fix it

Keeps me from watching a full ep -.-

Ive always used this app for my Naruto fix but recently its been stopping to buffer every 1-2 mins. If it doesnt stop to buffer, the video quality goes from bad to standard quality and then to bad again. Is there anyway you guys could fix this? (The crunchyroll app is totally fine playing any Naruto Shippuden ep so I dont know whats wrong with this app :S) Thanks-

Its great for me

I dunno why its happening to everyone but I have no probs with this app.

To many adds

Great app but way to many adds. For me there is 6 adds in one episode!!!

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